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Family Values

I had a sister named Emma Mississippi
is a river that floats in the states.
Just like the memory in the wisdom of the water
our souls were connected in so many ways, well
Even though we haven't talked in a while
I'm still waiting for the day to come when you will arrive
I'm sorry if I ruined happy times we've been through
but no wonder, if I can spend my days without you and

I had a mother, and her name is Carolina
Carolina is a state in the states
I think there's fifty but there's only one mother
and she won't even look in my face, well
You know I'd give it all to be loved by you again
but everything's my fault so I'll carry the blame
But now I'm growing, I get older while the days pass by
soon I'll be dying, thinking you won't look me in the eyes

And it's sad

so sad
Family values
that we had, it's just a memory
in your mind, what you gone bad
There's no love

I had a father named Mr Engelbert
and Engelbert Humperdinck sings really good
I haven't heard him but I hear my fathers voice
it's in the dreams where things are like they should
I miss your love which came naturally
sometimes I cry, when I think about how things used to be
Well at least come and visit me for only one time
daddy I love you but I know you won't pay me no mind

And it's sad
it's so sad
Family values
that we had
It's just a memory in your mind

we've gone bad

There's no love, no



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